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Ukrainian furniture manufacturers and home décor thrives

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Photo courtesy of Kiko Gaspar Communications

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine comes straight out of the playbook from the last century. Ukraine is a rich prize indeed, with substantial resources, a strong industry sector, and of course human capital. There are many grim possibilities for future outcomes, but Ukraine and its closest allies are interested in ensuring that the country has a robust, free future. It seems nothing will stop Ukrainians from continuing their businesses as an elite group of Ukrainian furniture manufacturers and home décor companies will travel to Las Vegas for the semi-annual furnishing tradeshow hosted by the Las Vegas Market. The furniture manufacturer Tivoli is organizing the mission of Ukrainian furniture manufacturers and is helping to aid these companies to ensure they can all continue their businesses even as the war rages on.

With vital support from USAID  and USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine to assist these small and medium-sized Ukrainian furniture manufacturers they are set up for success.

USAID CEP aims to support competitive Ukrainian industries with growth potential in its efforts and initiatives to promote export and trade development, among which is furniture manufacturing and wood processing in Ukraine.

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