Thursday, July 18, 2024



New domain names coming

New social media app

Another TikTok ban

Wrong is wrong

Meta sued by 42 AGs

UK AI Safety Summit

Utah sues TicTok

BYD is growing

The flip side

Google issues warning

Bluesky on Flipboard

#@!ing hackers!

A good Apple 

Google’s warning

Canadian TikTok ban

Eco-Friendly Play

Take a fun 6 question quiz!

Google’s monopoly

Tech steals from artists

Twitter and Musk

Apple and the EU

Neuralink brain implants

$275 million fine on Meta

TikTok and the FBI

Some nerve

Apple Empowers

Slowly but surely

Tech used to spy on users

Big score for Boise, Idaho

Talk to me

When will Meta stop?

Protect yourself!

Stay Safe

More support for YOU!

Apple does IT

Block Spam Texts Now

Keep It Real and BeReal

Rent Laptops?

Dangerous Smartphone Malware

Cheers to Rejection

X-Ray Vision from Apple?

Have You Tried DuckDuckGo?

CO2 Diamonds and Clothing

Houston We Have Liftoff

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