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Canadian TikTok ban

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Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

Canada’s Prime Minister announced a TikTok ban on government devices on February 28, which includes possibly blocking TikTok from downloads in the future. The country’s privacy regulators are also investigating TikTok for likely misleading users when collecting personal information.

Why all the TikTok fear from governments, is TikTok a Trojan Horse?

ByteDance Ltd., the Chinese tech firm that owns TikTok, has said on several occasions that neither its employees, nor China has access to users’ information. This has been difficult for countries to believe, and their doubts are justifiable. The Chinese government requires all Chinese-owned tech companies to grant it access to their databases whenever they request it.

ByteDance even admitted that some of its staff in China could gain access to the data of European users last year. These reasons have led countries like India and the United States to restrict the social platform, and the EU commission will implement a ban by March 15.

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