Sunday, October 1, 2023


BFF and WFT is an NFT?!?

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On January 26, there was a powerful event on YouTube, and AGREEN1 highly recommends to all NFT curious and crypto newbies. The launch event was hosted by a very successful group of women, nonbinary and others who formed a community called BFF Minted. Noteworthy leaders: Mila Kunis, Jade Purple Brown, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Tyra Banks.

The event was uplifting and enlightening as it discussed the opportunities with Web3, NFTs, blockchain and the cryptocurrency revolution. Here’s the event link on YouTube to tap: BFF Minted: WFT is an NFT?

Added bonus, there is a gift for those who set up a wallet. They show you how to set one up at the very end of the video. Try to follow them on their social media to keep learning and to stay on top of opportunities as they start arising. #GettingGreen #crypto #BFFMinted #NFT

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