Wednesday, June 19, 2024


California cannabis lounge update

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Photo by Photography Life on Unsplash

California has had a few consumption lounges and they don’t seem to stay around very long. Most local jurisdictions won’t allow them, though they are 100% legal in the state; and excessive advertising restrictions prevent true growth potential. On the other hand, cannabis lounges in the Netherlands serve freshly prepared food and refreshments and they even host live events. That business model certainly adds to what attracts roughly 46 million visitors to the Netherlands annually. California state law does not allow those activities in cannabis lounges.

Change may be on the way. Democratic Assembly Member Matt Haney has proposed to the state to start allowing that business model in AB 374. He believes it will help struggling legal cannabis businesses and, at the same time, will boost California’s tourism and economy. The measure will not permit cannabis lounges to sell alcoholic beverages, nor will it allow other enterprises to sell cannabis. It keeps control locally, allowing local jurisdictions to still control everything locally despite this new business change.

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