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Chronicles of a Renegade

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Revolutionize Your Morning Routine with CBD-Infused Coffee: Benefits and Bliss

By Mike Mankiewicz

Photo by Pot Head Coffee on Unsplash

These days, people mix alcohol with energy drinks like it’s a college frat party. So, anyone with a silly brain like mine has got to wonder why more people haven’t brought CBD-infused coffee into their morning brew game.

Silly Plus Goofy Equals Fun

That’s right. Prepare to revolutionize your mornings with CBD-infused coffee! Stay with me; you know it’s going to be good.

Dawn of the Undead

Does this sound familiar? You stumble out of bed, bleary-eyed, barely functioning, desperately in need of that caffeine fix to kickstart your day. What if I told you there’s a better way? Say goodbye to those jitters and caffeine crashes and say hello to the smooth, soothing embrace of CBD-infused coffee.

Zen Tsunami

You take that first sip, expecting the usual jolt of energy, but instead, you’re greeted with a wave of calm and relaxation. Suddenly, your chaotic morning routine feels like a stroll through a serene zen garden.

Forgot to set your alarm? No problem. Spilled coffee on your shirt? Who cares! With CBD-infused coffee, every mishap is just another opportunity to practice total consciousness. Come on, it worked for Bill Murray in Caddyshack and can work for you.

Productivity Ninja

But wait, there’s more! CBD-infused coffee doesn’t just calm your nerves; it also promises a host of other benefits. Need to tackle that mountain of emails? CBD-infused coffee will have you focused and productive in no time.

Who needs noise-canceling headphones when dealing with annoying coworkers? CBD-infused coffee will keep you poised and centered on the task at hand, even in the face of their mindless babbling.

Your Cozy Cushy Fortress

And let’s not forget about the health benefits. CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory properties! Say goodbye to morning aches and pains. Are you feeling a little extra tension and pressure these days and desperately need to escape? After a few cups of CBD-infused coffee, you won’t even remember what stress and anxiety are. You will float along in your own ergonomic bubble.

Turbocharged Progress!

The one question that I do have is why I haven’t seen places with great names like Brewed Bliss, Hempy Joe’s, and The Grin and Grind popping up everywhere. Brand names like CannaCaffeine, High Brew, Calm and Caffeinated, and Laughing Latte grace your pantry. Then again, I have always been on the avant-garde side.

So, why settle for boring old coffee when you can upgrade to CBD-infused bliss? It’s time to take your morning routine to the next level of chill. Just remember, CBD-infused coffee may not make you invincible, but it’ll sure make you feel like you can take on the world, one cup at a time. Cheers to that!



Mike Mankiewicz
Mike Mankiewicz
Mike Mankiewicz shares his funny outlook on Fridays. Mike worked in the radio for 35 years which is why he is such a smart alec. He loves to make fun of everything including himself. He will write about PC gaming, easy recipes, why free movies kick booty, why people act so goofy sometimes, and always remember laughter is good for the soul!
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