Sunday, February 5, 2023


Colorado voters approve psilocybin therapy

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Photo by Ashleigh Shea on Unsplash

After ensuring the legalization of cannabis for adult use in Colorado almost ten years ago, Coloradans recently approved Proposition 122. The law decriminalizes psilocybin and psilocin statewide. The two psychedelic compounds found in magic mushrooms were listed as Schedule 1 controlled substances in Colorado and remain banned on the federal level and in other states except for Oregon. AGREEN1 May 16 issue sheds more light on this topic.

Coloradans who are 21 years or older can now use the substances to manage conditions like depression and anxiety under the supervision of licensed professionals. The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) now has until January 2024 to develop licensing criteria for psychedelic treatment centers, facilitators, and ancillary businesses and hopefully begin to accept licensing applications later that year. More cannabis-decriminalized states are also planning to legalize the magic mushroom-based substances.

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