Thursday, July 18, 2024


Get to it

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Photo by Mert Guller on Unsplash

Our buds at Canary Media are reminding us that we can promote the clean energy transition every day in our activities. Check out this simple list:

•    Engage with clean-energy gatekeepers. Utility commissions hold the key to green energy. While it’s usually up to them to make energy decisions for the public, individuals can influence them. Participate in electing commissioners who value clean energy. In states where the governor or lawmakers appoint them, please urge them to select forward-thinking people.
•    Make some energy changes in your home, and convert to an all-electric heat pump. They provide heating and cooling and probably offer discounts, tax credits, or rebates thanks to the recently passed IRA legislation.
•    Choose to eat foods that are more sustainable or more environmentally friendly. Florence Ramirez wrote Eat Less Water, a must-read (and great gift). It’s now on a podcast.
•    Transition to a career in green energy. The April 24 issue of AGREEN1 noted that the green industry has created career jobs at a rapidly rising rate since 2018. With more than enough good-paying jobs available; you can sort for the most suitable one for you.

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