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How it works in the digital era

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In 1994, the web magazine HotWired sold the first digital banner ad to AT&T for $30,000, ushering in what is known now as online advertising. Software called “Demand-Side Platform” (DSP) has become one of the most significant words in online advertising. Digital advertising to individuals through their phones and computers.

Thirty years ago, in 1993 when the Internet opened to the public, it gained interest from many people who started depending on it for information and communication, and companies started building their businesses online. The emergence of digital technology in the 90s, such as the web, e-mail messaging, and social media changed the course of the planet.

Online advertising was expensive in its first years, and it required humans to negotiate for ad spaces and manually fax ad insertion orders. But after 1998, tech companies such as search engine giant, Google started developing tools to make digital advertising almost too easy. They eventually developed what became known as DSP, which removed humans from the processes involved in online advertising, thus making online advertising cheaper, easier, and more efficient.

DSPs also allow advertisers to optimize their ads campaign and track ads performance; did you, I, we buy it? The first one launched around 2001. Over a dozen have emerged since, including Rocket Fuel, MediaMath, Google Ads, Facebook Ads Manager, DoubleClick, and Amazon (AAP). Now you know!

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