Wednesday, June 19, 2024


In our galaxy, but far, far way

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Photo by Planet Volumes on Unsplash

NASA is showing us what Mars is like. The Red Planet (Earth is the Blue Planet!) will have its first helicopter-like aircraft hovering above the surface in early April. Called Ingenuity, the aircraft is only 1.8kg or just under 4 lbs, and it was transported to a certain location (Jezero Crater, Mars) by the Perseverance rover, pretty exciting stuff! A stamp-size piece of fabric from the Wright brothers’ airplane wing is attached to Ingenuity’s solar panel. We all will be able to see epic photos and images of Mars, and the data collection will be unparalleled. Friends, this is “must-see” information and a “must be a part of” experience. Space is one of the next frontiers we’ll all be exploring; we’ve had nothing like this moment in over 200 years.

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