Monday, March 4, 2024


#@!ing hackers!

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Photo by Arget on Unsplash

Year in, and year out, mobile technology owners have had to battle with hackers. It has been a nightmare, which has not been ending well for their users who lose their data to hackers in at least two out of five different attacks. But the saddest thing involved in this hacking stream is that attackers usually go on to sell the information they have stolen for a tremendous profit.

Over 80 million users’ information stolen from over 1.5 million compromised computers worldwide has been marketed on Genesis Market since its inception in 2018. Unfortunately, there are thousands of other sites like it. The United States Department of Justice, in collaboration with the European Union Agency of Law Enforcement Cooperation (or Europol), took down two of them last year, known as Hydra Market and BreachForums.

They have also dismantled Genesis and arrested over 119 of the site’s users last week. Although the fight is not yet over, the good news is that the DOJ is fully committed to cleaning up the internet—a mission dubbed International Cyber Operation. Also, technology owners are now more attentive and increasing their investment in cyber security to stop hackers even from penetrating their platforms.

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