Sunday, October 1, 2023


Kiriko Made

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Photo by billow926 on Unsplash

Fashion has evolved, and so have the things that matter the most. Unfortunately, the need to keep up with fast trends has caused us to lose value for clothes. Somehow, we have chosen quantity over quality, and in fact, many fabrics end in the dump globally each year. Haste makes waste, as the adage goes.

As the world drives towards sustainability, the Japanese word mottainai becomes meaningful again. The need to stop wasting things and to recycle as much as possible is what drives the fashion brand: Kiriko Made.

Katsu Tanaka founded Kiriko Made in 2013. It makes unique apparel and accessories, including blankets, bags, jackets, and vintage Levi’s that last a lifetime. Kikiro’s fabrics include vibrant vintage and modern Kasuri, hand-dyed Shibori, and centuries-old Boros. In the January 17 issue of AGREEN1, another fashion designer in California is doing the same. Sounds like a terrific trend that will help save our planet.

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