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Majority don’t understand food’s nutrition labels

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As publishered in Talker and click here for full article.

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Conducted by OnePoll for meal kit brand, GreenChef, results also showed that most respondents believe their diet is at least somewhat balanced (73%), although 51% admit that just half of their weekly meals are “healthy.”

Two-thirds of Americans claim they’d ignore their taste buds if it meant they’d be healthy (64%), according to new research.

In a poll of 2,000 adults examining what “healthy” food looks like, most respondents said if there were a superfood that had all the nutrients they could possibly need, they’d eat it even if they didn’t like the taste.

The survey found that it can be hard to know just how healthy their meals are for sure since the majority of Americans don’t understand more than half of a nutrition label (54%).

As more understandable terms, respondents shared that they associate language like “low-fat” (49%), “low calories” (47%) or “veggie-forward” (36%) with being “healthy.”

While those surveyed prioritize foods that have the right amount of protein (52%) and carbs (41%) the most, they admit their diet could use more vitamins (35%) and fiber (34%).

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