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Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

Being a good steward of the Earth is one of the many facets comprising Patagonia’s famous reputation. The $3 billion company is based in Ventura, California, and daily surfing is normal for employees. AGREEN1 covered the 50-year anniversary deeper commitment to help save the Earth in the October 10, 2022 issue. Patagonia’s new CEO, Ryan Gellert is speaking up and at other CEOs.

“I think common sense tells us that the climate ecological crisis is one of the biggest threats facing humanity,” Gellert said at an event on September 19. Besides consistently delivering a great product or service, a brand needs to connect with consumers, and Patagonia has been extremely successful at that.

CEOs who want to be very profitable and not harm the Earth can follow in Patagonia’s footsteps and work closely with nonprofits and their employees to develop strategies for heartfelt areas of interest and concern. When employers offer their employees the opportunity to be paid while volunteering, employees stay happier longer. Equally important is to redesign supply chains, making sure to support companies that are also taking their responsibility to the environment very seriously.

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