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Solar eclipse

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Photo by Justin Dickey on Unsplash

The annual solar eclipse is coming on Saturday, October 14 this year. The partial eclipse will display a dazzling “ring of fire.” Isn’t that a Johnny Cash song that was co-written by his wife, June Carter-Cash? That’s 100% correct, and if you tap those quoted words, you can see Johnny performing the classic that was released 60 years ago, in 1963.

We have an amazing solar system where all the planets orbit around the magnetic and life-giving Sun. Many ancient societies who were more attuned to the Earth actually worshipped the Sun. If you want to connect with those who came long before us, you can witness the ring of fire through the site. It’s safer and you will not run the risk of damaging your eyes.

Scientists predict the moon blocking the sun experience to unfold this way: 1.5 hours of partial eclipse followed by 2-5 minutes of ring of fire followed by 1.5 hours of partial eclipse.

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