Monday, March 4, 2024


Spotted: Olivia Wilde Wearing Meaningful Existence, Jonah Hill’s New Lifestyle Brand

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Following Olivia Wilde’s daily workout in Los Angeles, the actress/director was spotted wearing the “Emotional Baggage” tote from Jonah Hill’s recently launched lifestyle brand, Meaningful Existence. The tote, which can be found here, reads “Complete Unrelenting Control.”

As background, Meaningful Existence is a new mission-driven lifestyle company and wellness community that offers life-improving products and aims to remove the stigma around prioritizing mental well-being. The brand is founded, run, and ruled by Prophet Ezekiel Profit (AKA Jonah Hill. Based on the teachings of Profit, Meaningful Existence has one simple goal: to spread joy throughout the universe by monetizing happiness.

Not only does Meaningful Existence offer high-quality products, but it also donates 3% of all sales to mental health nonprofits and initiatives and has partnered with BetterHelp to provide a free month of therapy (1 weekly session for 4 weeks) to anyone new to BetterHelp, who visits the Meaningful Existence website.

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