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Sweden’s electric hydrofoils 

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Photo by Elton Sa on Unsplash

Luxury boats have not been discussed much on the tables where discussions concerning EV and electric plane transitions occur, but it’s clear that the boating sector needs a big fix. Candela, a Swedish speedboat company, is committed to the cause.

According to Candela, a traditional boat uses about 15 times as much fuel per mile as a family car. Candela was recently in San Francisco Bay to display the advanced zero-emission electric speedboat called C-8 in a bid to break into the massive U.S. boating market. These boats are fast, completely free of fuel odors, loud engine sounds and bumpy rides.

The boat has a 69 kWh Polestar battery and a small, torpedo-shaped direct drive motor called C-Pod. The C-8 could reach a speed of 27 knots (over 31 mph). After about a 2-hour ride, the boat’s battery was only down to 30%. It’s also much easier to drive than a EV on the road. The company has fixed the price of the speedboat at $390,000.

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