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Taxing THC: Leveling the Playing Field

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Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

By MOJAVE RICHMONDROBERT C. CLARKE | JUNE 2023, published in Cannabis Business Times.

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Presently, only a handful of jurisdictions differentiate between medical and adult use by imposing lower taxes on medical cannabis companies and their sales. Because most jurisdictions profit equally from their production and sale, our analysis explores only taxation policies for adult-use cannabis.

State, county, and city government officials across North America see cannabis taxation as a lucrative revenue source, yet exorbitant taxation is already suffocating the cannabis industry in its infancy. Presently, U.S. cannabis taxation is a complex patchwork requiring considerable effort to comprehend. Depending on the jurisdiction approaches to taxation vary widely in both how, where and at what rate taxes are extracted along the supply chain from plant to product, creating a highly diverse set of outcomes.

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