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Tesla Investor Day 3-1-23

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Photo by Milan Csizmadia on Unsplash

Musk said; “I really wanted today to be not just about Tesla investors who own stock, but really anyone who is an investor in Earth,” making the event last Wednesday actually the third ever Master Plan Day. The first was in 2006, and the second was in 2016. Mr. Musk is sharing his vision, and attempting to revolutionize almost everything about the Earth and other planets, saying, “There is a clear path to a fully sustainable Earth with abundance…” Do you think Elon Musk is executing his vision, his master plan?

During the 2023 Investor Day event, he explained that a fully sustainable civilization requires vast amounts of battery and energy storage. If you have been reading AGREEN1 for over a year, you know there are vast projects for storage of renewable energy coming online across the United States and the across the world, If anyone leans forward to a sustainable future, it is Elon Musk. What about Elon’s vision stokes controversy?

For one, the expansion of the Sparks, Nevada, gigafactory from 5.4 million square feet to 9.4 million square feet has many area residents very concerned about the infrastructure being unable to support the increased number of new residents. With an insufficient supply of housing stock, and forecasts from the EV manufacturer of 3,000 new jobs to be created; it is reasonable to ask where will people live.

Naturally, new residents bring more congestion to the roads and highways. Locals and truckers alike worry about driver safety, declination of road quality, and slower congestion patterns. Along the main corridor, there will need road construction so as to provide adequate shoulder space for accidents.

Another concern for controversy is whether Tesla is being required to pay a minimum wage and provide child care to its employees. In fact, the agreement did not demand it, but Telsa says it will provide it. That requires trust, which is hard to develop and easy to lose. How can “we the people” prevent Musk from becoming a 21st Century version of the steel and railroad barons? Balance of power? Government regulations? Income caps? Circular wealth economy? Bernie Sanders sheds some of his thoughts in his new book: It’s OK to be Angry About Capitalism.

Tesla’s 2023 Investor Day/Master Plan Day is available to watch on YouTube. I strongly encourage you to watch it. It’s over 4 hours long and has the usual pre-show beginning that you can scroll passed it. So far it has over 1.4 million views.

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