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The “Best” Big Game Prop Bets

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Written by Mike Mankiewicz

Photo by Antoni Shkraba

As the Big Game frenzy reaches its peak, it’s not just about who will win or who will score the most touchdowns.

Actually, it’s not about that at all. It’s about those wonderfully ridiculous prop bets that make even the most casual fan become a high-stakes gambler.

We have compiled the most ridiculous of all!

Patrick Mahomes Endorsement Deals

How many new endorsement deals Will Patrick Mahomes receive after the Big Game?

The over-under is set at 3.5.

Considering his popularity, marketability, and hair, I’d take the over on this one.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

Who cares about whether or not he pops the question, let’s talk about real commitment.

Will Travis Kelce cross the International Date Line to make it to one of Taylor Swift’s concerts if she accomplishes the same thing by making it to the Big Game?

In other words, would a man actually travel that far just to see his girlfriend? Most men consider driving more than 20 miles a real inconvenience no matter what’s waiting in the end zone.

I think the deciding factors are whether there will be snacks and an open bar.

The MVP’s Post-Game Interview Catch Phrase

Will the MVP thank their mom, their coach, their pet iguana, one of the Kardashians, or their lucky socks?

The Number of Times the Winning Quarterback is Shown Kissing the Lombardi Trophy (over-under set at 2.5)

BONUS BET! – Will they give it a peck, a smooch, or a full-on make-out session?

My all-time favorite!

Will A Team Win Solely by Scoring Safeties?

Each one of these brainless prop bets is guaranteed to add an extra layer of entertainment to Super Bowl Sunday.

Happy Scoring!

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