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Verano Launches Savvy Threads, Limited-Edition Streetwear and E-Commerce Platform

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Forged at the intersection of cannabis culture, art and fashion, each Savvy Threads piece features Savvy-inspired designs from a variety of graphic artists

  • The Savvy Threads store is available on and features a variety of special-edition branded apparel that ships to all 50 United States
  • To create a line of unique, evocative pieces, Verano partnered with artists Mike Frontier and Jacob Wayne of Chicago, and Jeremiah Kaniaupio of Las Vegas
  • Savvy Threads unlocks Verano’s ability to advertise using targeted social media campaigns on Meta’s Instagram and Facebook, and provides Verano access to a larger addressable market

Verano Holdings Corp., a leading multi-state cannabis company, today announced the launch of Savvy Threads, a limited-edition streetwear and e-commerce platform that celebrates the Company’s Savvy cannabis brand imagery and its intersection with art, culture and contemporary fashion. Inspired by the creativity of in-house artist Mike Frontier, in collaboration with independent artists Jacob Wayne (Chicago) and Jeremiah Kaniaupio (Las Vegas), the inaugural Savvy Threads collection features exclusive apparel inspired by popular Verano genetics while espousing the unique style and vision of the designers. Savvy Threads items include t-shirts, embroidered sweat shorts and varying hooded and crewneck sweatshirts, all available for purchase and shipping across all 50 U.S. states on

Developed to diversify and expand the Savvy brand, as a non-plant-touching brand extension, Savvy Threads unlocks the Company’s ability to advertise in mainstream channels – including targeted social media campaigns on Meta’s Instagram and Facebook platforms – which have a combined total of 361.8 million active users in the United States.

“Savvy Threads complements the expanding Savvy cannabis product portfolio and its bold brand aesthetic by employing fashion-forward designs that embrace the connection between cannabis, art and culture,” said David Spreckman, Verano Chief Marketing Officer. “The introduction of Savvy Threads creates new and unique opportunities to engage the cannabis, art and fashion communities by leveraging mainstream advertising channels that aren’t available to plant-touching businesses. We’re grateful to our artist partners for their creative collaboration in bringing this entirely new product offering to market.”

Verano introduced Savvy, a new line of larger-format cannabis products that cater to more value-driven patients and consumers, in August 2022. Following the brand’s successful launch and strong consumer demand, the Company introduced additional Savvy brand extensions in key markets, including Savvy Uncensored large format rough-cut flower, and Savvy Guap macro-dose money-shaped gummies available in 25mg Blue Magic and 50mg Jungle Juice flavors. The Savvy Threads platform both leverages the brand cache that Savvy cannabis has achieved and builds upon the art-forward direction and platform to attract and inspire new consumers and audiences.

For more information, visit and, and follow @Savvy.Threads on Instagram and Facebook.

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