Tuesday, June 18, 2024


Wolven Fashion Design

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Wolven, a woman-led fashion designer from Los Angeles launched her brand with a love for sustainability, culture, and diversity. The designs are organic and are often inspired by nature’s plants and patterns. Wolven garments are made in Los Angeles and China with partners who certify the clothing is made to the STANDARD 100 label from OEKO-TEX. It certifies that every material has been tested and that the garments are completely harmless to human health. It also certifies that the supply chain practices fair and protective labor and health conditions for workers.

“Wolven is about the community it creates. People who care about the earth coming together. We share an appreciation for art, celebrate differences, and strengthen the bonds between us. By making sustainable choices and honoring the earth, we move forward.” When companies beign with sustainability in their mission, they are telling consumers that they truly care about each of us and the planet we all love.

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