Friday, December 1, 2023


21st Century COFFEE

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Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Concern for balance is hitting the coffee cup. All agriculture is dependent on the climate. With global warming having a harsh impact on growing coffee, at the same time, people all over the globe are falling more in love with it and increasing demand. Coffee is the second largest traded commodity on Earth. It’s delicious and to meet the demand requires more deforestation, which increases global warming. It also requires a lot of water to grow.

There’s a new brew in town called Minus Coffee. The California-based startup is the brain-child of CEO Maricel Saenz. She was born in Costa Rica and learned firsthand about the vulnerability of this important commodity. The current model is unsustainable, and the need for a “beanless coffee” is right now. Their website says they “roast and grind upcycled pits, roots and seeds…then ferment and brew this better-for-earth blend just like real coffee with the perfect bite of caffeine.” If you’re obsessed with coffee and the planet, this might be your favorite beverage!

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