Wednesday, June 19, 2024


620 mile range EV

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Photo courtesy of IM Motors

Some very impressive and well-priced EVs are being manufactured in China. BYD is one that has been covered in AGREEN1 many times. Intelligent Mobility, or IM Motors, is coming on strong now.

IM has three models. The LS6 model costs $45K fully loaded and around $32K for the basic model. The LS7 and L7 offer more luxury features at a higher price point. All models offer the 900-V solid-state battery from Lightyear. This incredible battery can charge to 250 miles in 12 minutes to a range of 620 miles.

They offer four-wheel drive steering for terrific maneuverability. There are many automation features, too, such as “One Touch, iAD.” Tasks are requested with a digital button press: AI Chauffeur driving, One Touch Side Parking that will parallel park the EV, One Touch Escape that will drive out of tight spots, One Touch Parking into tight spaces, and more.

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