Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Eelgrass from Spain Domesticated

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Another discovery from Spain The humble Spanish Micheline star chef Ángel León, hailing from Cádiz, Spain, shuns celebrity status in favor of revolutionizing the restaurant industry, by fighting climate change, and potentially leading the way in feeding the world with his pioneering movement of being the first person to domesticate eelgrass. The Spanish word for eelgrass is Zostera marina, and it grows in coastline meadows around the world, while it fights climate change with its ability to sequester carbon 35 times faster than a tropical rain forest. León and his team plan to take this pioneering work to the next level. Soon they will be isolating the saline genes in Zostera marina to crossbreed with other staples such as corn, lentils, and lettuce. And yes, the green of the sea tastes great!

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