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Cyclones getting more intense?

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Photo by Cassie Matias on Unsplash

Global warming has caused significant damage to the Earth, and many fear it will do more harm in years to come. A new study by a research team of scientists, physicists, and professors in climate and earth science departments shows hurricanes and typhoons could hit cities in mid-latitude regions, such as New York, Boston, Beijing, and Tokyo this century.

According to these researchers, who backed their studies with the subtropical storm Alpha which made landfall in mainland Portugal in 2020, and the 2021 hurricane Henri which made landfall in Connecticut, tropical cyclones are expanding to the mid-latitude regions of the Earth due to greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, because the polar ice caps and glaciers are melting so quickly, the temperature difference between the Equator region and the poles has decreased, which affects the global jet stream and compounds the likelihood of more intense cyclones in the summer months. They bring destruction to buildings and lives.

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