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Energy summit

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Photo by Guy Bowden on Unsplash

One decision reached by world leaders at last year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP27 was that they would establish and operationalize a loss and damage fund to help nations most vulnerable to the climate crisis. UAE will host this year’s climate conference in November 2023.

The country held an energy summit last week in preparation. It was dubbed the 2023’s Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW), and many leaders attended, discussing the theme “United on Climate Action Towards COP28.” While delivering the opening speech, UAE’s Minister of Industry, Sultan bin Ahmed AI Jaber announced that at COP28, UAE plans to get the UN to start acting on decisions and plans on climate change and renewable energy. “UAE’s ambition for COP28 is to be a COP of action. A COP where the global north and global south really listen to each other. A COP is where we move from goals to get them done. And a COP where we deliver a new deal on climate finance,” said Jaber.

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