Friday, March 24, 2023


French look at sustainable fashion

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Photo by Warren Jones on Unsplash

A partnership of two ambitious young French men created a sneaker company that thought about everything. Because they wanted to be fair to workers and be as sustainable to the planet as possible: they decided to spend zero money (francs, pesos, pounds, and dollars) on advertising so they could spend more money on the supply chain and the final product to consumers.

The company is called “Veja” which means “look” in Portuguese, messaging consumers that they are transparent. Using mostly materials from Brazil due to a robust supply of plant-based materials and strong worker protections, the partners formed strong relationships for strong supply chains. The sneakers are made from organic cotton, rubber from rubber trees, and “B-mesh” which is an “upcycled” material or a recycled flannel. They are expensive, and they might be well worth it.

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