Friday, December 1, 2023


Gucci Goes Crypto

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Photo by Pauline FIGUET on Unsplash

Kering is the parent company that owns Gucci, and the brand is looking to be a pioneer in crypto transactions, NFTs and Web3. At a press conference in June, a representative said: “Luxury has a role to play. There’s a real opportunity for us to create digital products that would be ways to express our houses.”

In the May 9 issue of AGREEN1, we mentioned Katie Haun’s $1.5 billion VC company, Haun Ventures which will focus on crypto, NFTs, and Web3; and Kerig is one of Haun Ventures’ investors. Accordingly, Gucci plans to accept crypto payments in U.S. stores soon. Kerig’s digital officer Grégory Boutté believes that “Cryptocurrencies are no longer niche; approximately 150 million people have crypto.”

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