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How plant-based diets affect sleep

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Photo by Peter Wendt on Unsplash

Written by Colleen Kilday | Stacker

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Suppose the size of the North American sleep aid market is any indication. In that case, Americans value their rest—the region’s market has a value of $39 billion in 2023, and researchers expect it to continue to grow. Yet, when it comes to sleeping for the recommended seven or more hours in 24 hours, just under one-third of adults are getting enough rest, according to CDC data spanning 2013 to 2020. And the quality of that sleep isn’t always ideal, either.

Americans’ diets—which include meals that are comparatively larger portioned than in other countries—are known to be less healthy than other traditional diets around the world and could be impacting their sleep. However, too little sleep is not exclusive to the United States. Public health researchers and groups, including the World Health Organization, say insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic on a global scale.

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