Thursday, May 23, 2024


IKEA’s First Urban Store

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Photo by Jueun Song on Unsplash

Leadership is seldom easy, andĀ IKEA is on a mission to become the leader in the greening of the entire supply chain and circular economy. It has goals to be plastic packaging free by 2028, to offer 50% plant-based foods in its restaurants by 2030, use zero-emission fuels for shipping by 2040, and be net zero by 2050. YES!

In the summer of 2021, IKEA opened its first urban store, which is a big departure from its original pattern of buying cheap land with a big parking area on the outskirts, and shoppers had to drive quite a distance to buy at the stores. The IKEA store in Vienna, Austria is seven stories tall and is designed specifically not to use a car. It offers no parking, has over 150 large trees, hyper-efficient heating, and cooling system, solar power, beehives, bird nests, a two-story hotel/hostel, and offers next-day delivery using emission-free EVs. #leadership

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