Saturday, April 20, 2024


Microfibers Kill

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It has been believed that crude oil spills and plastic waste have had the most damaging effects on terrestrial and marine life. However, a new study by the International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN) found microfibers to be the most common pollutant posing a threat to terrestrial and marine life.

Microfibers are microplastics that make up synthetic fabrics. Our clothes, curtains, and blankets consist of microfibers, and sadly we shred up to 1 million microfibers every time we wash them. These microfibers find their way past cleaning filters into rivers, oceans, and soils and pose a threat to humans and other forms of life.

While the world works to find ways to reduce the number of microfibers, we all can help contain them by:
• Using a front-loading washing machine that uses less water and shakes less.
• Washing with cold water and fewer cycles
• Washing clothes less frequently
• Using liquid detergents
• Installing a microfiber filter in washing machines

Experts suggest that at the very least, you invest in clothes made of natural fibers. This is a no-brainer…we hope!

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