Friday, December 1, 2023


More Metaverse!

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Zuckerberg and Facebook are not alone in pursuing the creation of a metaverse. Award winning director Peter Jackson of Lord of the Rings, Beatles documentary, Get Back and much more has sold his Weta Digital effects business to San Francisco based Unity Software for $1.625 billion to help the latter shape the future of the metaverse. Unity trades on the NYSE with ticker symbol “U”

Cesium is another software company. It’s based in Philadelphia, PA. Patrick Cozzi is the CEO and he stated on a recent podcast: “…There’s a lot of buzz about the metaverse. I believe it will change the face of computing and of interaction and the field is moving fast and we want to bring together folks to talk about it and to educate the community and frankly, to educate myself as well.”

Here are few key questions: Do we need the metaverse? Do we want the metaverse? What’s in it for the user?

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