Tuesday, January 31, 2023


New internet and it’s called Web3

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Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash

We are about to experience a new internet version called Web3, which is currently a concept. But in what way will it be different from the current internet version? How will it impact our use of the internet?

According to the people behind the concept, Web3 will be a hybrid of the first two internet versions, combining the best features such as interaction and now decentralization to “democratize the world wide web.” Currently, search engines completely control access to the internet. As we have learned many years after the fact, internet companies track us and obtain our personal data for their enormous economic gains without our permission.

But with Web3, we will be in control of how we use the internet and how we interact with each other. Our information will be more privatized, similar to how crypto blockchains work. This is another reason why blockchain is important to understand. AGREEN1 helps our subscribers stay on top of their technology so they can integrate it in the best way for them. It’s all becoming more individualized.

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