Wednesday, June 19, 2024


New Jersey leaning green

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Charge Up New Jersey, New Jersey’s electric vehicle incentive program will continue for the third consecutive year. The Garden State will pay residents up to $4,000 to purchase or lease EVs and plug-in hybrids that cost below $55,000, and New Jersey will offer a $250 rebate to residents who decide to build EV charging stations in their homes.

Gov. Murphy’s administration introduced the Charge Up New Jersey EV incentive program in February 2020. And in the first two years of the program, New Jersey added more than 13,000 EVs to its roads. Gov. Murphy is hopeful that the incentive program will help N.J. achieve its goal of having up to 330,000 EVs running on its roads by 2030. He also announced a series of funds to build EV charging units at tourism sites and complexes across the state.

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