Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Renewable power for consumers

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ISNA-ESNA23 (The Intersolar North American-Energy Storage North America) trade show took place last week in Long Beach, California. It was alive and kicking with well over 300 vendors talking, teaching, and igniting clean energy storage systems so we can all live cleaner and more independent, and more sustainable lives with renewable energy.

Photovoltaic and solar energy products were everywhere. Other clean energy products from bio and hydrogen-based companies were also present. Cutting-edge CMBlu Energy is delivering bio “organic solid-flow” clean energy storage using no metals. Their energy storage solution is non-flammable, made from recyclable materials, and is very scalable and consumer-friendly. They are headquartered in Germany and have expanded to Petaluma, California.

Mango Power literally empowers all to Go Green-Be Better-Sustainable. They are consumer-ready and their phenomenal E Home Backup and Portable Power Station can be purchased through Mango’s website and Amazon. The units are portable, stackable, and expandable for use inside a home/apartment, camping, EV charging, RVs, off-grid living, or in the garage. The unit has 6 different outlet types to power up anything. Power independence for all of us using renewable energy was the value of this show.

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