Saturday, April 20, 2024


Smart and fun

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Photo by Zachariah Aussi on Unsplash

California is tickled that the state’s largest solar power project will be at Six Flags Magic Mountain Amusement Park. The design is a 637,000-square-foot solar carport. This keeps the cars of employees and amusement park guests cool and safe. According to a press release, the 20.8 million kilowatt hours of clean energy it will produce will, in fact, reduce GHG emissions, equivalent to removing over 910 million miles of ICE cars from the roads.

The Texas-based amusement company has two other parks with solar carports, making it the most extensive on-site solar collection system in the United States. The two other sites are in Jackson, New Jersey, and Vallejo, California. As an operator of 27 parks in 3 countries, this development is good, clean and fun!

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