Wednesday, May 22, 2024


VoloCity Air-Taxis Coming to LA

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Talks about electric air taxis and urban air mobility have grown popular in recent years, and Los Angeles might be the first city to experience the innovation. See AGREEN1 August 23 issue.

The German-based pioneer of urban air mobility Volocopter is partnering with LA-based, Urban Movement Labs (UML) to bring electric air taxis to Los Angeles. They are called VoloCity air taxis.

Volocopter will also be present at CoMotion 2021 in Downtown LA, November 16-18 to educate the public on the new mode of urban transportation. Volocopter said the move is part of its campaign to dominate the United States market which is certain to be very competitive. Investors of Volocopter thus far include: BlackRock, Intel Capital, and Daimler, amongst many others. Sustainable short distance air travel is hovering in our future.

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