Thursday, May 23, 2024


VW has $27K EV

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Photo courtesy of Volkswagen newsroom

The peoples’ car, aka “Volkswagen” is a legacy automobile manufacturer which was established in Germany in 1937. It has been laying the groundwork for its EV transition, slower than most would prefer. Last week, VW premiered an EV called ID.2all, which it said would sell below €25,000 (or USD$27,000). It will launch in 2026 in the European market first and will make its way to the Americas.

Volkswagen has some EVs already on European roads, such as the e-Golf, ID.3, and ID.4. When released, the ID.2all will have 226 horsepower and a range of up to 280 miles. Volkswagen is targeting an EV share of 80% in Europe.VW will produce future EVs to sell below €20,000 (USD $22,000). Sounding like a green race where the Earth wins!

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